Social Psych Snapshot: Week of 9/21/15

HannahThis week, Hannah brings you the best of early September!

-The weapon bias can explain how a middle-schooler who brought a home-made clock to school ended up in jail — his teacher claimed it looked like a bomb.

-A fun recap of research on inattentional blindness, including the infamous invisible gorilla study and some clever follow-up studies.

-Longer read: The New Yorker reviewed a new book on “gamifying” our daily lives to overcome obstacles (think Cognitive Behavioral Therapy meets Mario Brothers). The piece reviews and challenges the research claims presented in the book and reflects on what might be lost when we view our lives as games.

-Scientific American highlights social psychological concepts demonstrated in the sketch comedy show Key and Peele.

Hannah graduated with a degree in Psychology from Reed College, and worked in educational research and meta-analysis as a lab manager at Duke University before entering the Social Psychology PhD program in 2014. Her research focuses on social psychological processes at work in educational contexts.

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