Who are we?


Jen is from the (real) Jersey shore. She’s been infatuated with psychology ever since her first psych class in high school and earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Jen is a newly minted PhD from Duke University’s social psychology program. Her research focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive influences on people’s eating behavior. Jen lives in Durham with her partner and their four animals. When she’s not maintaining her crazy household, she likes discovering folk music, advocating for public health, and having a whiskey drink. Usually not at the same time. She’s also crazy talented on the pogo stick.



Mallory is from the metro-Atlanta area by way of Chicago. She studied psychology and fashion merchandising at the University of Georgia (how ‘bout them Dawgs?!?!). Before coming to Duke University as a graduate student in Social Psychology, she worked at MIT as a lab manager in a Marketing Psychology lab. Her main interests are nonconscious social influences, goal pursuit and motivation and false self-beliefs. In her spare time, Mallory likes to read, cook, hike and cuddle with her pit bull Coco and binge-watch Netflix when she should be doing other things. She has an extreme aversion to pigeons and revolving doors. She blames it on Europe.

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